Review: Osynliga händer

Osynliga händerOsynliga händer by Ville Tietäväinen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An extremely strong reading experience about a young Moroccan who is forced away from his little family to try to earn money in Europe. The Finn Tietäväinen takes his time to let us get to know the main character and his reality so that the reader really cares about what will happen to him, and he has also spent a lot of time doing research on the Moroccans’ situation, both domestically and in Spain, where many of them get stuck, more or less as slaves in various shady industries.

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Review: Var ska jag lägga mitt huvud?

Var ska jag lägga mitt huvud?Var ska jag lägga mitt huvud? by Rakhsha Razani
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A poignant autobiographical tale of escaping from your home country and trying to build a new reality in another part of the world altogether. The main character moves from Iran to England to study in the 1970s, but moves back home at the revolution in 1979 to try to help rebuild the country. Nothing, however, was as it seemed and she and her little family must soon flee, and end up as refugees in Sweden. Razani retells all of her experiences in a very personal text, which reads as if she was sitting next to you talking, and this is illustrated with 2-3 images per page.

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