Review: Leopardkvinnan

LeopardkvinnanLeopardkvinnan by Yann
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A new album in the specials series with Spirou and Fantasio. One again, the script is by Olivier Schwartz and the drawings by Yann, who together previously created Operation Bat in the same series. These albums, which were originally intended as stand-alone stories in which various comics artists could try out wild ideas, is now more and more being built together into an alternate continuity. This is, as I said Schwartz´ and Yann´s second book, which begins immediately where the last one ended and has an open ending with an indication that there will be a third volume. Additionally, the album Spirou – Portrait of the hero as an innocent young man by Émile Bravo can also be said to be part of the same continuity

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