Academic articles and book chapters

Superhero Comics from the Middle East: Tyranny of Genre? A study in how two different publishers based in the Middle East attempted to create and publish original superhero comics, and how the tyranny of genre could have affected this process. Published in the anthology Muslim Superheroes: Comics, Islam and Representation from Harvard University Press in 2017.

Comic Studies in the Nordic Countries: Field or Discipline? An analysis of how comics have been studied at an academic level in the Nordic countries, with a focus on the discussion on whether comics studies would fare better as a more informal field or a more structured discipline.  Published in Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics, volume 7, issue 2, 2016).

”Yo, rag-head!”: Arab and Muslim Superheroes in American Comic Books after 9/11. A study of how the idea of Arab and Muslim superheroes were treated in American comic books after 9/11 and what these characters signaled through their design and dialogue. Published in Amerikastudien, volume 56, issue 4, 2011. Recently republished in the German language Reader Superhelden: Theorie – Geschichte – Medien (Transcript Verlag, 2018).

Manga! Japanska serier och skaparglädje (Manga! Japanese Comics and the Joy of Creating). A study of the manga craze that swept across Sweden in the middle of the 00s. Based on interviews with both children and young adults, this study attempts to explain the allure of the “manga style” and why it seemed to appeal to so many young Swedish artists. Written as a Master thesis at Malmö University and published in a book series by The Swedish Institute for Children’s Books.

Vad är tecknade serier? – en begreppsanalys (What are Comics – Analysis of a Concept). A study in the terminology used to describe comics and how this art form has been defined throughout the last century and in different parts of the world. Written as a xxx at Malmö University in 2003 and then published as a stand-alone book by the Swedish Comics Association the same year. Translated into Danish by Damgaard in 2013.